Homemade Preserves

Belgrave Pantry

We make our preserves throughout the year, in rhythm with the season and weather (the weather is very important). Our preserves are not mass produced; they are all made by hand, and are properly best described these days as ‘Artisan’. But your Granny will recognise them as ’Homemade’.

Marmalade – Early Spring
Jams – Summer
Chutneys / Pickles: Late Summer to Early Autumn

We use the finest products we can, and as local as possible. Although we do use fresh Seville Oranges which come from Spain, the sugar we use is grown and produced in the UK. We also make other Citrus Marmalades For our Jams we grow our own Loganberries, and some of the other fruit comes either from Mary’s father in Bideford, or sister in Northam. Loganberry Jam forms the base for our lovely Bakewell Tart.

Most of the fruit and vegetables used in our chutneys & pickles are grown here at Belgrave. We get carried away with all the lovely variety of Chutney that can be made, from traditional Tomato Chutney, to our own Sticky Chilli and Onion Jam. Some of our Chutneys are really Glutneys and we never know what we will have at the beginning of the summer, last year it was Chilli’s this year who knows.

There is a lot more that you can do with Chutneys apart from our old favourite served with homemade bread and good local Cheddar, while sitting in the garden with a glass of something. Use Fruity chutney as a base for a Tagine or Curry, it will make all the difference, and save you a lot of chopping!

This year we will be using more Chillies so watch this space!

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